Congregation High Walk Blend | 12oz

Congregation High Walk Blend | 12oz

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Our High Walk gets us going in the mornings. It helps us push our shoulders back, open our eyes, and-- like our cretaceous friends down here-- stand a bit taller. While High Walk is an ever changing and evolving coffee, based on the fresh crops we receive, this blend honors the classic morning cup of coffee-- round and sweet on the palate with a hint of nutty chocolate on the nose. Medium bodied, it has a backbone for milk, but it certainly doesn't need it.

70% Mexico, Huatusco
Finca La Lja
Yellow Honey
1250-2000 masl

30% Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe
Washed Ethiopian Heirloom
1700-2000 masl

Almond · Pear · Baker's Chocolate

Whole Bean