Espresso Bar

Image Coffee is based in Los Angeles California and we offer a mobile Coffee\Espresso bar for your events.
Pricing will vary based on a variety of factors such as menu, length of service, number of guests, etc.
However, as a customer I always hated trying to price out vendors and being completely in the dark about cost until they're asking for my credit card, social security, and shoe size.
SO, for general reference, we charge a base fee of $400+ $8/person. So for an open espresso bar for 20 people for 3 hours you are looking at about $550 .

Contact us and we can work out the perfect setup for your event!

Our open espresso includes:

Drink: Espresso drinks, coffee, hot chocolate, and blended drinks for 20 people for 3 hours.

Flavors: Mocha, Vanilla, Caramel, Mayan Mocha, Cookies & Cream.

Milk: Whole, Non-Fat, Almond, Soy, and Oat

(if there is a specific drink, flavor, or milk you would like please let us know ahead of time)