Be Bright Sojourner House | 12oz

Be Bright Sojourner House | 12oz

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For wherever your journey may take you, the Sojourner House Blend is sure to be a pleaser. Classically sweet and undeniably inviting. A rich body of sweet nougat, paired with soft apple acidity, and a clean finish.

Flavor Notes of Milk Chocolate, Nougat, & Apple


Sweet and delicious, this coffee blend is definitely a crowd pleaser. Great as a pour over, coffee machine, cold brew or french press, this coffee can do well in any situation you put it in. Our Sojourner House Blend is a rotating blend of seasonal coffees that highlights our belief that coffee should be easy - easy to make, easy to drink, and easy to enjoy.

You're not going to have to overthink it with this blend. Brew it any which way, and you'll be sure to get a delicious cup every time. When building this blend, we seek coffees that can work together to deliver balance, body and sweetness. This will always be a great coffee to start your day with.