Tone Touch 03

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Unleash the full potential of coffee and tea

TONE‘s powerful Touch 03 single serve brewer unleashes the full potential of coffee and tea at the touch of a button. The intelligent recipe development system enables 100% customization of coffee and tea beverages including the ability to vary product, volume, flow, strength, and temperature.

The Touch 03 offers controlled agitation, programmable flow rates, and detailed adjustment of pulse patterns at different stages of brewing (e.g. blooming-, turbulence-, development-).

The boilerless standalone brewing system sustainably channels brew water through a highly innovative heating element that eliminates the need for a traditional heating phase. The barista is empowered to easily adjust brew recipes to profile various coffee and tea beverages by varying temperature, brew time, and a host of other parameters.

The most revolutionary brewer on today‘s market has all the operational capability to take the modern brew bar to the next level.

Product characteristics

Ability to profile each recipe

Full control of adjustable flow rates and pulse patterns at different stages of brewing: blooming-, turbulence-, development phase.

Endless recipes for tea and coffee. Programmable for batches from 250ml up to 2 L.

Boilerless brewer - achieve 94°C / 201° F within 2 seconds after powering on.

Optional WIFI-Antenna available for browser based calibration of recipes via tablet.

Ability to adjust recipes anywhere in the world with all data available in real time.

Colour variations: white/grey, all-white, black/grey, all-black

Technical Data

Type: TOUCH 03

Weight: 26 kg

Max. Brewing volume: 2 liter

Flow: max. 9g/sec.

Heating: 3450W

Dimensions in mm: 242 x 505 x 320 (w x h x d)

Power 220 - 240V | 50/60Hz