Verve Vancouver Swiss Water Decaf

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While many of us particularly enjoy coffee's rejuvenate nature, we always felt that putting flavor first would be the best way of showing the unique complexity that coffee can offer--caffeinated or not. The current iteration of our decaf blend features a marriage of beans from Colombia and Brazil, both of which have undergone the one-and-only Swiss Water® process that removes caffeine, but retains flavor integrity. You can expect a clear dessert-like mouthfeel, complete with candied almond and a chocolatey background that stands well on its own, but also doesn't hate being served with our milk drink offerings. Read this description out loud five times a day and all decaf stigmas will disappear for good.

  • Bean Details

    Various Producers


    Vancouver, British Columbia






    Swiss Water Processed


    1900 - 2100 Meters


    December - April


    Chocolate, Nougat, Cola

  • Farmlevel Story


    Without caffeine, coffee may not exist today as we know it. Caffeine evolved in plants like coffee, tea and cocoa over the course of millions of years to resist pests (to whom, caffeine is toxic), and we're ever thankful that it did.

    That said, our green coffee buyers don't travel 4 months of each year to scope out the world's best caffeine sources, but the world's tastiest coffees. It is therefore in the interest of our coffee's carefully-sourced flavor profiles that we've chosen to decaffeinate our Vancouver decaf using the Swiss Water Process®. Carried out shortly outside beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia; coffees undergo processing using water to remove caffeine without removing flavor.

    Year-in, year-out, Vancouver Decaf seeks to deliver a dessert-like complexity made possible by a delicate balance of Brazilian and Columbian coffees.